Trends in Activity Lists


In the 1980s’ college admission departments looked for overloaded resumes. However, bulging activity lists are no longer today’s trend.

What is the Activity List’s purpose? – Schools are interested in how a student will add value to their campus life, use the resources available and graduate to do great things. Your high school body of work is a great predictor of future success.

What type of school focuses on the Activity List? – For selective schools, your Academic Index (GPA & Test Scores) opens the door to reviewing your application. Your high school body of work should set you apart from other excellent students. If you are applying Test Optional then your activity list might hold greater weight.

What activities matter? – A student doesn’t need to seek expensive alternatives outside of their community to fill resume gaps. Student activities should show depth vs. breadth in their areas of genuine interest.

Interested in Fashion Merchandising? Volunteer at a Non-Profit’s Boutique

Considering Urban Studies? Start a community garden

Marine Science your passion? Start a river clean up crew sponsored by local businesses

Remember, meaningful service is found not through grandiose high profile service trips but rather through personal connections, sustained participation, and involvement in the community.


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