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College Planning Tools Naviance is no longer the monopoly - SCOIR and MaiaLearning bring competition, but multiple fresh data sources are still the key to success.

Updated: Apr 18

Working with students from many (50+ and counting) high schools and states, CPC counselors are familiar with schools' different college planning platforms.

What is a college planning platform?

School guidance offices must process documents—transcripts, recommendation letters, and profile reports—for schools on each student's application list. Most, but not all, schools use a planning tool to organize the process and ensure documents arrive on time.

What are some of the college planning platforms used today?

Do the platforms offer services other than document processing?

How does the MyCPC account supplement and improve the process?

Can you provide examples of where unique admissions data makes a difference?

Kevin McCloskey, SCOIRS CEO, has it right when he states, “It all starts with the student and three questions,” . “Will I get in? Will I fit in? Can I afford it?”

College is expensive, and the process can be complicated. Fortunately, much content is available at no cost to parents and students. The challenge is the time and experience needed to find and interpret the information. That is where our guided process and experience pay dividends.

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