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CPC and Self-Guided Naviance Tools: The Differences

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Last week a parent asked the following excellent question - "Can you explain to me where these 2 programs (i.e. Naviance and CPC guidance) overlap, and what your program has that Naviance lacks?"

Since many high schools use the Naviance platform for college planning, here are a few of my thoughts for others to consider. The level of school involvement in the Naviance platform ranges greatly. Some school guidance offices dive deep into Naviance while others still require students to complete paper forms to request transcripts. It's all over the map, depending on personnel and resources.

Experience, review, and multiple data sources differentiate a student working in Naviance alone vs. working with CPC to develop and execute a quality application list balanced for admission and cost of attendance.

Naviance is primarily a single data source. CPC invests time and resources in over 40 sources of evidence and can apply that information through the lens of experience and understanding each student's goals. Below are some real examples as to how our advice helped students expand their options.

Programs of Study

  • Naviance – Student filters schools by major from a drop-down list of 1800 programs without connecting educational interests.