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At College Placement Consulting, we continually resource data so our clients have the latest, most robust college planning tools to make the best college choices. 

Each student’s custom learning platform provides transparency to parents, organization, and accountability with a single login.






At CPC we use a state of the art platform which provides student and parents access to testing timelines, college databases, application requirements, a dynamic calendar and essay management tool all in one place with one log in!




 “the panel facing the driver of a vehicle or the pilot of an aircraft, containing instruments and controls.”

CPC is the air traffic controller, providing the orderly and expeditious flow of guidance and content.  The students use their dashboard to control their college planning, fly the plane, and gain confidence to stick to the landing!  

  • Easily identified assignments keep the student on track.

  • Text conversations improve engagement and accessibility between chats.

  • Simple session scheduling and unlimited access.

  • Transparency for parents to ensure their student is on course.



The standardized testing environment is evolving, and the relative importance of standardized tests is unique to each student. 

  • Providing accurate guidance with current data eliminates wasted resources and unnecessary stress.

  • Review standardized tests’ relative level of importance.

  • Consider a test timeline.

  • Confirm no registration deadlines are missed.

  • Provide visuals for reaching goals.

  • Support self-study schedules.

  • Refer tutoring if ROI is likely.

  • Evaluate if scores improve or detract from the student’s application.

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 We simplify the college research and application process by ensuring content is current and relevant to each student’s goals.  There is no one-size-fits-all package at CPC.  


We challenge students to think more deeply, beyond the usual variables, to reimagine their college experience. 

  • CPC kick-starts each student’s research by matching student-centric criteria to quality schools.

  • Fresh data, objective analysis, and personal insight drive our college list recommendations and assigned admission probabilities.

  • Students access a full library of independent research and unique content with a single username and login.

  • Our college note chat box provides real-time support as students research schools.

  • Guidance on when to take advantage of early application opportunities – and how to be ready when the time comes.

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Applications might seem simple initially, but they take more time and effort than expected.  CPC reduces the workload by organizing all required details and dates for each student’s college list in one place.  Sure, you can hunt and peck for this information online, but wouldn’t you rather spend that time elsewhere?   


  • Application, material, and financial document deadlines by application type 

  • High school curriculum track – for example, how many foreign languages or lab science courses does your dream school recommend?

  • Testing requirements – SAT/ACT, Test-Optional, Test-Flexible, Self-Reporting, Official Score, and AP tests

  • Academic and Other Recommendation letter requirements

  • Institutional scholarship opportunities

  • Portfolio and audition requirements

  • ROTC and Service Academy requirements

  • Common Data Set – Relative Value of Importance in Academic and Non-Academic Factors



Using a calendar to keep track of important dates is a life skill.  With so many things going on in a student’s life, it is easy to miss a deadline.  Students can quickly view and add events to their calendars and receive notifications to keep them on track. 


  • Standardized test registration deadlines and test dates

  • College planning assignments

  • Application deadlines

  • Financial Aid document deadlines

  • Application material (test scores; recommendation letter; transcript) deadlines

  • Scholarship deadlines

  • Student personal events such as Campus Visits and Admitted Student Days



Resumes, Activity Lists, and Essays – For most students, the college application process is their first experience in marketing themselves.  At CPC, we have a saying, “We don’t make you taller. We help you stand up straighter!”  


  • Writing assignments are organized by school and topic.

  • Resume and activity list feedback. 

  • Writing cover letters for recommender requests.

  • Brainstorming for genuine content. 

  • Outline builders to eliminate writer's block.

  • Actionable essay feedback from top writing professionals 

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