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Passions to research projects - a new academic tool in your box

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Let's set aside for a moment the idea of creating a research project only to bolster a college application. Rather, consider that turning a passion into a project could allow your student to:

  • Explore something outside of school that excites them

  • Connect with an expert in their area of interest

  • Learn how to outline, draft, research, and format a college-level research paper (or blog, podcast, portfolio)

  • Test-drive a college major or career path

  • Develop crucial planning and time management skills

  • Supplement or replace admission tests as the measure of academic achievement

  • Create something you're proud of that you can share with friends, family, and oh yeah, show schools your intellectual curiosity and initiative by adding your project to your college or scholarship applications.

Connecting with an exceptional academic mentor to inspire and guide students to create an independent project used to be an opportunity only afforded to students with university connections. Bring us your sports fanatic interested in NBA injuries; your fashion designer that wants to publish, or your engineer interested in alternative energy.

College Placement Consulting now partners with Polygence. We selected Polygence over other mentor-driven research programs due to their accessibility to all students, shared discounts for greater affordability, non-profit status to allow for need grants, and collaboration so that your student's CPC planner can see the progress of student applications, projects, and mentor feedback.

Contact us for more information or set up an account and together we will explore.

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