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When Does The Activity List Count?

Updated: 6 hours ago

Are you applying to a competitive school?  Remember, most applicants also have a strong Academic Index (GPA and Test Scores).  Activity lists can set students apart, but avoid the expectation that quantity trumps quality.

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Which schools place a lower level of importance on activities?

Schools vary in their relative importance of activity lists, so parents, be patient if your student is applying to that type of school. You can explore each school's common data set for more information, but the list below provides examples of schools that place activities lower on the food chain. You can assume that the relative level of importance leans into the student's academic profile (course rigor, GPA, and standardized test scores) instead. Honors college admission reviews will vary depending on activity lists' relative importance level.

  • Pennsylvania State University - University Park - Not Considered

  • Arizona State University

  • University of Georgia

  • University of Maryland

  • University of Michigan

  • Clemson University

  • Virginia Tech

So when do activity lists matter?

What activities matter?

My student has common activities but is an uncommon achiever; how can those activity types showcase the traits colleges look for?

Do you want to understand whether activities are important for your students or whether you should let them go? Click here for a chat.


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