Optimizing students' educational choices.


College Placement Consulting, LLC, is a college planning firm, providing students all over the US and abroad with invaluable college planning and college test prep. We have flexible scheduling options that meet the needs of all our students. Our team of dedicated professional instructors and planners uses the valuable resources of time, experience, and customized digital tools and personal connections to help students achieve their educational goals. We strive for every student interaction to boost confidence, reduce stress, and make college planning fun. Meet The Team >>


Our Experience is Unmatched!

Our doors opened in August 2000 when an extremely energetic retired high school principal Susan Patterson recognized the need for more specialized counseling in an ever-changing college planning environment. CPC has served over 2000 students since opening. After over two decades, the company continues to offer paramount services while also embracing new technological advances to assist students and their families in the college search process.


Our Future is So Bright!

Today's parents have the desire but perhaps not the time to invest in full college planning. While students now have access to a vast amount of information about potential schools and more educational choices, the financial and emotional investment in selecting the right college can be overwhelming. College Placement Consulting's expert planners help students and families identify quality schools that not only fit financial parameters but also where each student will flourish academically and socially.  Easy to understand organizational strategies, student assessments, on-demand research tools, and online notification systems lighten the load. Through advanced technology and current data, instructors create success strategies, boosting students' confidence in mapping a vision for their future.

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