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Private Scholarships - Casting a lot of lines to catch a fish

Inevitably after applications are sent, students ask, how do I find scholarships? Typically, it is a question parents tell students to ask me. The most effective way to make sure financial offers of accepted schools are affordable is to balance the list for financial parameters before applications are sent However, gaps exist and private scholarship searches can help fill the gap.

Each CPC student receives counseling and access to Imagine Scholarships' unique private scholarship filtering tool. The tool is visual, interactive and helps students identify best-fit opportunities from over 1,000 private scholarships.

Our counseling includes

  • Identifying the gap a student hopes to meet with private scholarship money

  • Review the # of applications needed for success

  • Research opportunities from their interests, affinity groups from over 1,000 private scholarships

  • Repurpose college application content for scholarship essays

Private scholarship searches are hard work. We help take some of the mystery out of them.

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