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Federal Financial Aid Form Changing - Is the red tape going away? What you need to know

Updated: May 7

The FAFSA simplification act is designed to offer a simpler interface for students and parents. Applicants can bypass up to 26 non-essential questions with some applicants able to complete the form in less than 20 minutes - so the Federal Government says. Let's answer some of your questions.

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When will the FAFSA become available? For past years, I had access to the form in October.

The FAFSA form is guaranteed to be available by December 31st.

What are some of the bigger changes to the form?

My state requires the FAFSA completion to be considered for state aid, with the FAFSA releasing later, will states provide an extension?

The terminology is changing, what do I need to know?

Remember, completing the FAFSA form is not only for federal and state grants based on reported income. Providing financial information is the gateway to receiving subsidized and unsubsidized student loans and some schools ask for the FAFSA to be submitted before offering academic merit scholarships.

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