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Why It Is Important for Juniors To Take the PSAT

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

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Many students and parents do not realize the importance of the PSAT/NMSQT and might therefore push-off test prep until after the PSAT.  However, taking the PSAT and doing well has significant benefits for certain students:

Scholarship Opportunities

  1. The National Merit Scholarship Program which is open to all PSAT takers

  2. National Recognition Program for Black American, Hispanic, and Rural High School students


  1. Students with aspirations of being early recruited athletes should plan to prep for the SAT or ACT.  Doing well on your PSAT assures coaches that you have a strong academic profile.

Prospective Service Academy Candidates

  1. Acceptance is a 60/20/20 effort, with 60 % being academics.

  2. The academies are looking for a good composite on the ACT/SATs, which students should start taking in their junior year.

  3. If students take the PSAT in their junior year and do well, they will be on the Academy’s radar and in stronger positions for summer seminars.

The College Board offers schools the option to schedule the PSAT in mid-October. Students should contact their high school guidance office to ensure they are aware of the test date and registered (if registration is part of the school's processes.)  

If you are interested in learning more, Click Here for a quick conversation.

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