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When Should My Student Take The First SAT or ACT?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Good test prep looks like a program that doesn’t interfere with the student’s life so that they can spend their time pursuing their unique interests and excelling in high school classes.

Therefore, a program that allows the student to work with his/her daily routine is optimum. Students should schedule their next SAT or ACT based on the time they have to prepare and when they have completed the necessary content in school.

Of course, study time will vary by student based on their focus, their current score and academic skills, self-study or with an instructor, test prep tools, and internal motivation. Above all, they should understand target scores for schools on their list.

Recommended Study Time To Improve SAT Scores

0-30 points – 1 hour a week

30 – 70 points – 20 hours – or about 2 hours a week

70 – 130 points – 40 hours – 4 hours a week

130 – 200 points – 80 hours – 8 hours a week

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