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These well-known people graduated from where?

I recently skimmed through a recent Ethan Sawyer aka College Essay Guy webinar and picked up a fun exercise from Rick Clark of GA Tech. If kids think about some of the brands they most like – what they wear, buy – go look at where the CEO or CFO of those top schools are from – you will very quickly find schools that you have never heard of. Look at leaders in your city government, athletes – if you stopped to look a bit beyond or ask questions you will be surprised.

Business Leaders

  • C. Douglas McMillon, CEO and president, Walmart Inc.- College: University of Arkansas

  • Tim Cook, CEO of Apple- Auburn University

  • Warren Buffett- University of Nebraska- Lincoln

  • Darren Woods, CEO Exxon/Mobile- Texas A&M

  • John Stankey, CEO AT&T- Loyola Marymount University

  • Mary Barra, Chairman/CEO GM- Kettering University


  • Kenny Chesney- East Tennessee State

  • Sandra Bullock- East Carolina University