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One on One College Planning - How We Do It

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

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CPC students drive the bus - we put up the guardrails and provide a roadmap. What is the secret to our students’ successes?

  • Frequent Short Sessions – Teenagers are busy and not interested in long discussions or guidance that add work to their day. Therefore, we keep discussions efficient with actionable feedback through frequent conversations.

  • On-Demand Guidance –We provide real-time text conversations when students are engaged, whether that is in the morning, in between classes, or after dinner. Each student’s MyCPC account hosts all talks so parents can log in and stay informed.

  • Interactive Sessions – During chats, students are actively working on their MyCPC account content vs. listening to lectures. Our active, hands-on approach keeps students engaged and in control.

  • Learning – Efficient sessions followed by actionable feedback and bite-size “to-do lists” keep students on track, confident in their progress, and introspectively consider their next steps after high school.

If we can help with more information, please schedule a brief, no-obligation conversation.


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