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SAT School Day - An easier way to grind?

Updated: May 7

According to the College Board, in the class of 2023, 67% of SAT takers took the SAT on a school day. Let's dive into this topic.

What is SAT School Day, and how does it differ from a Saturday test day?

SAT School Day allows students to take the SAT during a regular school day. The benefits of an SAT School day are many:

  • Students take the test in a place they know.

  • Students are already going to school versus waking up early on Saturday mornings.

  • Students are better rested.

  • Eliminates worries about getting to a testing site.

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Do all high schools offer the SAT on a school day?

When is the SAT school day? Does it differ by high school?

Do I need to register if my school offers an SAT school day?

Only a handful of schools require standardized test scores as part of the application process. However, strong scores can validate other components of your academic profile. With grade inflation prevalent, standardized tests can help students stand out.

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