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Inflation - Grades - not groceries!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

From our partners at Arbor Bridge Tutoring - Test validity studies

Both SAT and ACT have been busy publishing research on the ability of exams to predict college readiness. Both agree that grades and tests have a role to play and that GPAs show signs of continued inflation. In particular, ACT found that grade inflation spiked dramatically during the pandemic. These studies capture the changing landscape of education and show that both exam organizations continue to make their case for relevancy in a test-optional world. Key findings from the ACT report

  • This analysis suggested grade inflation was more of an issue for students with moderate and lower ACT Composite scores than for students with higher ACT Composite scores.

  • Students with low and moderate family incomes had higher rates of grade inflation compared to students with high family incomes.

  • Black students experienced a greater degree of grade inflation than white students.

  • Schools with a higher proportion of students who receive Free or Reduced-Price Lunch services had higher grade inflation than schools with lower proportions of students receiving these services.

Admission tests can validate the other tools in a student's arsenal to prove they can handle college-level work. Learn more about how we help students navigate the process.

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