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APs - when to hold them, when to fold them?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Congratulations to students who accepted the challenge of taking Advanced Placement Courses. High school course rigor is consistently one of the most important factors in considering a student's readiness for next-level learning.

The College Board released scores 7/5 - here are some FAQs to help.

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How do I know which scores to report?

For most schools, 4s and 5s are reported. If the school accepts a 3 for college credit, report it. For example, the University of Maryland accepts a 3 for AP Language and Composition and AP Literature. The University of South Carolina is much more generous with multiple courses offering college credit for a 3 AP score. If on-time or early graduation is a goal, make sure to consider schools where you can get a head start on general education credits is considered. You should know the difference between schools.

Do admissions consider AP scores as part of the student's academic profile?

How do schools see my AP scores?

Can I choose which AP scores I send through my College Board Account?

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