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Pandemic-Friendly College Environments

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

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To piggyback on our recent post, Bargaining Power for the Prepared, let’s add to the "prepared" discussion by considering contingency plans if your student becomes anxious and weary of continued COVID uncertainty such as:

  • Auditorium filled classrooms

  • Packed football stadiums as social venues

  • Dining and recreation scheduled by shifts

  • Sharing dorm rooms

  • Lack of pandemic-friendly social activities

Smaller, private traditional colleges can pivot, being nimble is an asset. The Washington Post features Sweet Briar College as an example. However, five years ago, Sweet Briar was scheduled to close. Even though alumni raised over $28 million in 100 days, the experience cautions students to review smaller school’s financial ratings and endowments.

Check out our list of quality, traditional private colleges with the following characteristics

  • Experience with small classroom learning

  • On-time graduation rate exceeds than the national average

  • Generous with merit scholarships and need grants

  • Estimated undergraduate enrollment < 3,000 students

  • Small town or rural

  • November 2019 Forbes Financial Strength Rating C or higher

Excellent schools such as DePauw University, Albion College, Hobart William Smith Colleges, Gustavus Adolphus College, Susquehanna University, and Sewanee await those adverse to risk and willing to keep an open mind.

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