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Is Your Regional Public University in Good Financial Shape?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

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Public Flagship Universities have a revenue advantage over Public Regional Universities and Colleges, having access to alternative streams of revenue. According to a May 11, 2020 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, painful restructuring is already underway at several public regional universities.

“Regional colleges are disproportionately dependent on aid from the state government, and they have limited availability of alternative revenue sources. They do not have significant endowments, or wealthy donors to turn to,” said Thomas L. Harnisch, vice president for government relations at the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association, commonly known as Sheeo.

Check out this list of regional universities that participated in the NACUBO-TIAA 2019 Endowment Study, to see endowments per full time student, on time graduation and retention rates.

Public regional universities will have to adapt, consolidate, and restructure programs.  Athletics is another whole ball game.  If your student’s academic profile does not meet the admission threshold for your state’s Flagship University, take a look at Public Flagship Universities that participate in Regional Tuition Discount programs, such as the Academic Common Market.

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