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IEC Nationwide Pricing Survey - How Does CPC Compare?

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Economic uncertainty will understandably have non-essential services competing for dollars. CPC is well-poised to throw our hat in that ring.

Recently, about 340 IECs (Independent Educational Consultants) participated in a pricing survey. Below are the take-aways:

Pricing - Why are our prices lower (significantly) than IECs with equivalent experience?

Our approach is to leverage technology and partners so that we can offer a product that costs about 50% less. This approach allows us to work with a wider variety of students from different areas vs. a select group of families with higher financial means. Working with more students gives us broader knowledge and experience in the national college landscape.

  • Typical IEC Approach – Average package price with over 10 years in business - $5,019

  • Our full package program - $2,460

Affordable Payment Plans - Over 50% of IECs ask for pre-payment. CPC offers 18-month and shorter payment plans with no interest. This approach makes our already competitive pricing manageable for all families.

National vs Regional experience - How does our work in many regions benefit your student?

Only 15% of IECs work with students nationwide. Our national representation is a tide that lifts all boats as we are not focused on one region or a smaller subset of schools. We have worked with students from over 14 states, and 75 different high schools that have applied and been accepted to a huge range of schools. More applications and more schools give us more experience than the average IEC.

Years in Business - Only 1/3 of IECs have been in business for over 10 years. Our practice has been helping students for 20 + years

All-Inclusive Packages give great value - Over half of IECs work with hourly pricing, which means that you are on the clock for all questions and support. Because our pricing model is competitive, we can be full service to all students. Why We Don’t Offer Alacarte Services

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