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Our Industry Pricing Survey Results - We Are One of the Most Affordable

Updated: May 7

Economic uncertainty will understandably have non-essential services competing for dollars. CPC is well-poised to throw our hat in that ring.

Recently, about 670 IECs (Independent Educational Consultants) participated in this pricing survey. Below are the takeaways:

Pricing - Does more expensive mean better service? What makes our $2,460 all-inclusive package affordable, and how do we do it?

 Our approach is to leverage technology and partners so that we can offer a product that families can afford without sacrificing services -  see our 120+ 5-star reviews.   Working with more students rather than a select group of families with higher finances means more experience and better guidance for all families.

National vs Regional experience - How does our work in many regions benefit your student?

Experience Matters

Why we don't believe in hourly pricing or different packages?

How to learn more?

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