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Application FAQs - Common Application Sections

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

The advantage of working with many students from different schools, backgrounds, and educational interests is that we get tons of questions thrown our way and access to a lot of information. Since ABL - always be learning - is our motto we want to share information from different common application sections.

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Profile Section - How do I get a common application fee waiver to help with the cost of application fees?

If you meet the eligibility requirements message or meet with your high school guidance counselor to confirm the school will assign you a fee waiver. Your application will not be considered complete unless your high school completes the fee waiver assignment.

Family Section- Is it important to know my parent's education status? Should I assume they completed college?

Education Section - Colleges & Universities - What educational experiences are included?

Education Section - Grades - I am not sure if I have a class rank, does it matter?

Education Section - Grades - If I am reporting a weighted GPA is the scale 5 vs 4?

Education Section - Current or most recent year courses - Why do I report these, aren't they on my transcript?

Education Section - Honors - What type of honors should I list here? For example, I was awarded MVP of my soccer team, do I list that?

Testing Section - Should I complete this section if I am applying test optional?

Testing Section - What do I do if I am applying to some schools test-optional and other schools with scores?

Testing Section - Should I submit my AP scores? They range quite a bit!

Courses and Grades Section - Why is a school on my list asking for me to manually input my high school transcript in the courses and grades section?

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