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CPC's Approach to Test Prep & Tutoring

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

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Many schools have declared test-optional permanently. Even so, the SAT and ACT remain a potentially important part of the college application. It is not until a student takes the test (diagnostic, in-school, etc.) that a plan can be developed based on these scores and the student's college list.

Partnership with ArborBridge for Test Prep and Tutoring

In today's world, we have learned that students' needs might be different than they were pre-pandemic:

  • More Flexibility - The world is moving, and students need 1:1 schedules that work for them vs. a single roster.

  • New SAT Exam Environment- The SAT is converting to an adaptive online format for Class of 2025 students, our partner is ready to go.

  • Enrichment - The learning differences created by the pandemic require experts to analyze a student's skills and possibly support with enrichment services before test-prep

  • AP tutoring support - Applicants may need more strength on their AP scores in the test-optional environment and require tutoring

  • Customization – Students' skills and goals based on college lists range significantly. There is no one-size-fits-all in the current environment.

In consideration of these changes, we partner with ArborBridge, a leading-edge, online standardized test prep company with a sophisticated scoring algorithm to create customized and highly targeted study plans (specific to the needs of each student). Arborbridge is able to efficiently determine what specific areas a student should concentrate on to increase scores. It’s this process that allows 9 out of 10 ArborBridge students to score within the top 5% of all test-takers.

Regarding test prep, CPC includes the following in our College Planning package:

  1. Student takes ArborBridge Tutoring Diagnostic SAT and ACT Test

  2. Students receive a score report and consultation through the lens of their school list, academic profile, and college goals.

  3. Students receive a free test prep session to "kick the tires."

  4. If it is agreed that the student would benefit from 1:1 tutoring in the overall application strategy, the student is referred to Arbor-Bridge.


Tutors: One Size Doesn't Fit All

Test-prep can provide an enormous return on investment by expanding options and lowering the cost of attendance. CPC helps you "cut through the fog" because we know your student's entire profile and goals vs simply a test score. Here are the options:

  • Subject Enrichment – If diagnostic scores are below the 50th percentile range in a particular subject, enrichment tutoring may help the student best vs. spending resources on tutoring for an admission test.

  • Test-Optional - Test optional is an intentional strategy at CPC and is successful for many students who would benefit from spending time on their high school curriculum vs. admission tests. Remember, curriculum rigor and academic GPA are consistently the MOST important factors in the application's academic review.

  • AP/IB Scores over SAT/ACT - Students with strength in one subject area might benefit more from focused tutoring on their AP exams. Strong AP exam scores show mastery in a subject, validate the transcript, and can be reported on test-optional applications.

  • SAT or ACT - Is it possible your student would prefer one test over another? We can help with diagnostic testing for both tests to determine the best path.

  • Free Resources - If you have a motivated student who excels at self-study, or your student's school has an SAT club or strength in faculty support to prepare, paying for additional tutoring support can be overkill. We help all students set up their Khan Academy self-study schedule and link their College Board account.

  • Already Prepped? - If your student has already participated in test prep and needs a boost to either re-engage or move over a few hurdles, Arbor Bridge can narrow the gap with 1:1 support on specific skill categories.

If you think your student will benefit from a diagnostic test, score analysis, and consultation, please set up a chat.

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