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Materials Matter! Wheels up for early applications.

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We recommend applications are submitted one to two weeks before the deadline. Hence, students have time to set up their application portal with each school and monitor all materials received before the deadline. Materials include:

  • Official SAT/ACT/AP Scores - Send them now if the school requires official vs. self-reported scores.

  • School Report - Make sure guidance counselor processes are complete.

  • Academic recommendation letters, particularly if they are required for the application to be considered "complete". Check out this list of 125 schools that require at least one academic recommendation letter, or the file is not considered complete. There are few public universities, but the University of Maryland, LSU, Chapel Hill, and UVA are on the list.

  • If applying early decision (NOT early action) - FAFSA/CSS Profile and parent agreement.

  • Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) submitted and linked to school if required - see schools that require the SRAR.

  • Material Deadlines - Some schools require materials on the application deadline, while others give a grace period. Examples are below for November 1 application dates:

    • University of Maryland College Park Early Action - November 1 materials deadline

    • Wake Forest Competitive Scholarship - November 15 materials deadline

    • VA Tech Early Decision - November 18 materials deadline

    • University of Tennessee Early Action - November 15 materials deadline

    • Boston College Competitive Scholarship - November 1 materials deadline except for SAT/ACT, which can be submitted by 11/12

Students are the captain of their applications, but there are many moving parts to keep on track. See how CPC can help.

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