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Why Don't We Offer A La Carte Services?

This is an important question and I understand why a parent might think that the key to simplifying the process is merely an essay or an application list. However, repetition and a long runway breed success. Experience tells us that successful college planning is more about students developing skill sets they will need after high school:

  • Managing a calendar

  • Scheduling and canceling appointments

  • Using a learning management system

  • Breaking a large long-term project into smaller tasks

  • Considering educational interests and what is important in a school

  • Developing skills to research schools and programs of study

  • Using multiple data points for research

  • Understanding financial parameters and strategic debt

  • Identifying, procuring, and marketing talents

  • Asking others for help

While we could perhaps be more profitable working on a single essay or developing an initial college list, there would inevitably be gaps in the process. We would not be true to our mission if we maintained a singular focus on, let's say essay