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How we deliver 5 STAR services at a 50% lower price

Updated: Jan 17

College planning services for students are investments. Like any investment, users want to make sure they receive a return.

Users also want to make sure they are getting the best value for their money and at CPC we are passionate about pricing affordability for all families. The numbers are clear- based on IEC's most recent survey of 304 Independent Education Consultants. CPC is a cost-effective alternative with over 100 5-star reviews.

How do we do it?

  • Leverage technology - Each student's MyCPC account is an efficient tool to host all content, communication, research, action items, and research. Having one online organized program allows our planners to efficiently work with students in 30-minute chats and get a lot of work done.

  • 1:1 counseling - Individual counseling helps students focus on what is important to them. Using Zoom as a meeting source allows us to conquer more work customized for each student.

  • Partnering where appropriate - Partnering with our Prompt writing coaches, Arbor Bridge tutoring experts, and Polygence research mentors, we can all help students based on areas of expertise, without overcharging. Each student receives 1:1 counseling for exactly what they need.

  • Efficient online scheduling - More time with students vs. back and forth communication on calendar events.

  • Reduced marketing costs - 95% of our clients come from referrals. We can keep costs low because our reputation sells itself.

Some of our reviews show how we provide a strong ROI:

Lynn in Easton MD - I tell the families of all college bound students I know, you need Betsy and the team from College Placement Consulting. They will take your child by the hand and walk them through the college selection journey, maneuvering any obstacles along the way. From SAT prep to in-depth analysis of colleges to help with financial scholarships, this team is worth every penny. Hands down, one of best companies I have ever dealt with…always responsive and accountable and their knowledge about the entire college application/selection process is second to none. If you want to take the stress out of searching and applying to colleges, I can give you no better advice than to seek out the services of CPC.

Mike in Delmar DE - CPC was literally the best thing that we could have possibly done to get Jake to the next step. Ms. Betsy constantly met with Jake and kept him on task to get everything he needed to get accepted to 3 of his target schools. Coming from a chicken farm as a child, I had limited knowledge as to how to get our son to the next level. CPC guided us (mostly Jake) thru each step and gave him the confidence and necessary information to accomplish his goal. Seeing how a 17 year old kid is the closest thing that I currently have to a retirement plan, I feel that the ROI from this program will certainly be high! Thanks Ms. Betsy and the rest of the team at CPC. Your help has given us a freshman Terp at the UMD Robert H Smith School of Business!!!

Katie in Easton MD - My family is so thankful for CPC! They guided my son to take responsibility for his college application process and helped him find a program specifically tailored for him. With the expertise of Betsy at CPC, my son found a scholarship program that we would not have known was an option otherwise. CPC was very responsive to questions and was easy to schedule virtual meetings with. Highly recommend to make senior year less stressful!

Gail in Easton MD - Betsy has been invaluable in helping us navigate the complicated college application process with my son. She is a wealth of knowledge about hundreds of schools, financial aid, scholarships, application essays and deadlines, and SAT/ACT prep. She is working hard to help my son meet his academic and college interest goals, while also sticking to our budget. I highly recommend the CPC program - it’s worth every penny!

Schedule a no-obligation conversation with us for more information.

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