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Partnering with experts

Think of CPC planners as case managers to help high-school students set and meet goals, perhaps at a time when parental advice falls on deaf ears. Our college planning process is designed to promote growth and help the student develop these skill sets that will help them succeed after high school:

  • Become more organized and intentional

  • Learn to break a large project into milestones

  • Develop the confidence or humility to ask for help

  • Plan ahead and take ownership

  • Take advantage of resources offered

  • Accept constructive criticism and recognize opportunities for improvement

We also partner with these experts to supplement and support academic growth and application content as needed. Each expert collaborates with your student's CPC planner who can see the bigger picture.

  • Arbor Bridge - Rated Business Insider's #1 tutor for 2021 - As part of the college planning program, students access SAT and ACT diagnostic tests to understand areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. Also, as part of the college planning program, your student's planner reviews with Arbor Bridge's associate director of tutoring how those results fit into their overall plan.

    • Is the student a self-starter or has access to test-prep resources at school?

    • Will the student's academic index outside of test scores be enough for their program of study or list of schools?

    • Do test scores indicate that enrichment learning is necessary instead, most importantly for academic success after high school?

    • Are the student's scores near a range such that improvement will reduce the family's cost of attendance significantly by entry into a top in-state program or a school that meets 100% of financial need with grants?

    • Could an investment in AP tutoring help secure 4 and 5 scores and allow for the student to enter freshman year with more credits and graduate from college early?

  • Prompt Writing Resources - Prompt is a fully-integrated writing education solution, combining curriculum, instruction, feedback, and assessments. Essays are a critical component of the applicant's personal score- how they can show their potential to succeed in college and beyond. The college planning program includes full support within the student's writing resource center.

    • Unlimited coaching - Each CPC student has unlimited planner access to work with their planner to brainstorm content and leverage writing resource tools

    • Unique content development - Students complete fun assessments to understand who they are and what makes them tick. They develop a vast library of unique stories that will thread together those experiences that tell their story as well as a compelling resume and activity list content.

    • Professional feedback - The work is their own. However, most students overthink their essays and spend too much time on style vs showing experiences. Each student is assigned a professional reader and guaranteed support during the critical application cycle. Our partnership with Prompt provides access at crunch time and includes support on the personal statement and supplemental essays as part of their college planning package.

  • Polygence Mentored Academic Projects - There has been a seismic shift in college admissions and learning over the past two years. No longer is the student's academic index only a function of the transcript and admission scores. Students, not just those with university connections, want to explore something outside of school that excites them and selective schools want to see the academic initiative.

As part of their college planning package, all students can access a free conversation with a Polygence mentor to discuss their project idea. After the conversation, they can spin off on solo work or invest in a 10-week mentorship. Learn more about our Polygence partnership.

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