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Be Careful on Your Apps!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

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The following are common mistakes we have seen on our student applications:

  • Test optional for a portion, but not all schools

Testing Section -Students should “toggle” the testing section in their common application to “turn it off” before submitting test-optional applications and turning it back on when submitting applications that will consider test scores

Resume Section – For schools that allow students to upload resumes, the same methodology applies, remove SAT scores from the document before uploading to test-optional schools

  • Resumes – Certain schools allow applicants to upload a resume in the school’s activity section.  There is an automatic green checkmark on this item so that students can miss the opportunity to add this content

  • Application Type – Particularly for larger schools with less forgiveness on errors, be sure to select early action vs. regular decision when applicable

  • Program of Study – If a school is a reach school and you are applying to a limited enrollment program, consider another option if you can work your way into the schedule with strong grades freshman year

  • Academic Common Market – Be sure to select the correct major/concentration if you are seeking to gain in-state tuition through the ACM

  • Financial Aid – Always complete and submit the FAFSA/CSS profile.  However, if you have completed the pre-work, run the school’s net-price calculator, and are confident you will not receive need grants, consider answering no to the “Are you applying for financial aid section”

  • Recommender Section

Common App Do not invite your teacher recommenders through the common application if your school uses a partner program such as Naviance or Cialfo

Naviance Be sure to select the application type in Naviance as common application so your recommender can select the correct schools and upload all letters

If you would like more information on our college planning process, please schedule a no-obligation chat.

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