CPC Custom Application Checklist- See How We Do It

So many moving parts! Our CPC custom application checklist keeps students organized. Here is our process to make sure nothing is missed:

Common Application Advisors - CPC planners are advisors on each student account. Students have also invited parents as advisors to view common application content and each school's specific questions. In real-time, we can view applications sent, applications due, and if the application type submitted (early action, regular decision, etc.) is correct.

Common Application Review - When the common application sections (profile, family, education, testing, activities, and writing) are complete, CPC will review content and provide any suggested changes in a student to-do.

School Review - Students have a custom checklist for each school. Before launching an application, students are to review each checklist item and confirm from their application the checklist item is correct. If they are confident all checklist items are complete, they submit their application. If they have a question, they signal the application is ready to submit and text us the question for review.

Submit Application - For most students, we walk them through their first application submission. Once they are comfortable with the process, they submit applications on their own.

Post Application - Students set up a chat about a week after the application is submitted. We make sure they have activated their student account with each school and hosted the URL and login information in their keychain. We also ensure they have completed post-application checklist items such as linking an SRAR account, submitting the FAFSA/CSS profile, or applying for honors programs or institutional scholarships when applicable.

If you'd like to schedule a no-obligation chat, we can talk about how we can help your student stay on track.

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