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University of Maryland Admission Results In - What we learned for next year's incoming freshman class.

Updated: Feb 14

With top rankings in STEM, Business, Journalism, and Criminology programs, as well as Honors College offerings, many CPC students from the Mid-Atlantic Region apply to UMD. We'd like to share some information we have gleaned from this year's early action application cycle.

College Park admissions receive about 55,000 applicants a year, so our group of 66 CPC student applicants does not provide any statistical meaning. However, since our students are from 30 different high schools, 5 different states, and with a wide variety of first-choice majors, the analysis is worth considering.

Things we know that continue to hold true:

  • UMD continues to be test-optional friendly for students with a strong transcript. However, test-optional is more friendly towards some majors (Business, Arts and Sciences, Agriculture) vs. others (Computer Science, Biological Sciences, and Engineering.)

  • A strong transcript means course rigor and a 4.0+ weighted GPA. The median weighted GPA for our accepted early action students was 4.5. A full academic schedule senior year is vital, so don't pull back, even if your high school counselor announces you only need a few courses to receive your high school diploma.

  • UMD's bridge program - titled Second Semester Admission/Freshman Connect - provides admission access to test-optional students who are heading into limited enrollment programs.

  • Unlike other schools, early action decisions do not result in a push to a regular decision review; you are either in or out after the early action application. Therefore, second-semester Junior year grades are vital. Students do not get the opportunity to send in first-semester grades as part of the early action review.

  • Honors College and Living Learning Community opportunities reign supreme. Students do not need to be valedictorians to be considered for programs such as FIRE, College Park Scholars, and Carillon Living Learning Communities. Eighty percent of our 36 early action admits received invitations. For those students considering UMD and are invited, don't forget to select your program by February 19th, even if you are not certain you will eventually put a deposit down this spring. Selecting a program does not commit you to the University but gives you options as you are reviewing your choices after regular decisions are released.

Congratulations to all admitted students and a special shout-out to our CPC class of 2024.

60% of applicants admitted

2 Banneker Key Scholarship Semi-Finalists

9 Honors College Invitations

3 College Park Scholar Invitations

3 FIRE Invitations

7 Carillon Community Invitations

87% admitted to their first-choice major

These potential Future Terps have a bright future and we are proud of them!


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