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CPC and Finding the Best-Fit College

Updated: Apr 15

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why I spend less time on student-led campus tours and more time on old-fashioned research to understand the best-fit schools for students. One student's idea of a walkable, beautiful, welcoming - insert any adjective here - campus - is personal.

Our role is to invest in, read, research, and identify relevant data that will help parents and students develop a balanced quality college list so that when it is time to visit, they are prepared. High-quality admissions data is critical to the success of any data-driven college planning process. To name a few data points...

  • Does the school have sufficient resources to teach and advise the student properly?

  • How likely is the student to graduate on time, pay off their loans, and get a good-paying job?

  • Does the school have a strong endowment and financial standing?

  • How to avoid average but expensive institutions on your college list?

  • Identifying hidden gems

  • Understanding different admission rates for limited enrollment programs

  • Updates to over 45 different application checklist items