CPC and Finding the Best-Fit College

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why we at CPC don't spend time visiting college campuses to understand the best-fit schools for students. One student's idea of a walkable, beautiful, welcoming - insert any adjective here - is personal.

Our role is to read, research and identify relevant data that will help parents and students develop a balanced quality college list so that when it is time to visit, they are prepared.

  • Does the school have sufficient resources to teach the student properly and graduate on time?

  • How likely is the student to graduate on time, pay off their loans, and get a good-paying job?

  • Was the school in a weakened economic state before the pandemic?

  • How to avoid average and expensive institutions on your college list?

  • Recognizing a small liberal arts college that may have financial issues based on lower endowments.

We are in the midst of our semi-annual data dive, combing over data for hours and creating unique lists to help our students. Below are some of the resources we use to understand the value proposition of schools.

  • Public endowment information tables

  • Ruggs Recommendations

  • Times Higher Education Methodology

  • The Common Data Set

  • Southern Region Education Board

  • Moody's Investor Service

  • Institution Blogs, Releases, Fact Books

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Fiske Guide To Colleges

  • College Scorecard

  • Princeton Review

  • FairTest

Some of these resources are free, some are not. Parents can absolutely invest time diving down the rabbit hole and exploring the incredible amount of content available. We help parents who would prefer to spend their leisure time elsewhere. Allowing CPC to get wonky on data for their student frees up time for more substantial (and fun) dinner conversations. Want to find out more? Schedule a free conversation today.

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