College Fairs- What to Do During COVID

Updated: Feb 18

Covid Silver Lining- students are now researching schools because they can't visit. Nothing wrong with understanding the details before swooning over glorious architecture, lazy rivers, and football stadiums. Details such as...

  • How many general education classes do I take before diving into my major, and what are they?

  • Do many students live on campus after freshman year, and if not, where do they live, and how is a campus community maintained?

  • What is the likelihood if admitted, that my cost of attendance is "sticker price" or will I receive merit scholarships or need grants?

  • I learn differently; what type of support is available?

  • Which employers come to my college to promote jobs and internships?

  • Do I have separate advisers to prepare for graduate school applications?

  • Can undergraduate students participate in research grants?

  • What are the benefits of your school's Honors Program or Honors College?

Of course, the list can go on and you can access information online or have an interactive conversation with the school's admission representative. We recommend the latter, developing a connection perhaps with the person who might eventually read your file. Therefore check out these upcoming National College Fairs. You can register or check out the lists below of participating schools from our quality bucket list.

NACAC College Fairs

College Fairs CPC's Bucket List - February 28, March 21, May 2nd

STEM College Fair CPC's Bucket List - March 7

Visual and Performing Arts College Fair CPC's Bucket List - March 16

College Board - Big Future College Fairs

Northeast Schools - CPC's Bucket List - March 7th Registration

Midwest Schools - CPC's Bucket List - March 11th Registration

Southeast Schools - CPC's Bucket List - February 23 Registration

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