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Research at students' fingertips...but with help and experience to guide

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Parent financial (and other) parameters are known. Students have completed their critical college criteria review, and CPC has dived down the rabbit hole of data to serve the student a list of quality schools to research. Now what?

Engagement in deciding which schools end on the application list is vital to building students' confidence and expanding options. All research tools are accessible with one username and login. Too much information too fast can be overwhelming, so we start slowly, focusing on what is important to the student - maybe SEC football teams, merit scholarships, or theater groups - we meet the student where they are at the time in their journey.

  • Easy to find - With a single username and login, students access statistics, research links, basic information, independent research (we love Fiske Profile), offered programs, and more.

  • Chat- Unlike other research programs, our students receive guidance while researching. Students open a chat box to put down thoughts and ask questions. Their notes section keeps all content organized by each school.

  • How do I match up charts - Students need to understand how their academic profile matches admitted students to balance lists, provide incentives or validate the hard work already accomplished.

Charts - We love customized data. We invest time and treasure into over 40 resources to provide data on a school's educational culture, residential life, academics, student resources, and extra-curricular activities. Want to know target admission schools with strength in business that offers club hockey and an early decision boost? We got it covered!

Experience, data, and the human touch all intersect to help the student take control of driving the bus without going outside of the guardrails.

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