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Class of '20 - Questions to Ask Admitted Colleges


  • NACAC College Admission Status Update: NACAC has developed a gathering point for updates from colleges and universities about how they are adapting to the impact of the Coronavirus. Many colleges are changing policies around school visits, deadlines for replying to offers and submitting enrollment deposits, and sharing other ways to get in contact.

  • Upcoming Virtual College Admission Events (Google Sheet): Be sure to check directly with colleges for other resources about connecting with colleges remotely.

Questions to Consider Asking Top Admitted School(s) – Should the campus not open first semester 2020

  • Will the school offer online courses in the fall?  If so, what is the school's experience in online learning? What portion of students is already studying online? You can find out this information under the enrollment section>distance education status at The National Center for Education Statistics.

  • Will the school accept credits from online schools such as The University of Maryland Global Campus? This fully accredited university has been the leader in online learning for deployed Armed Services for over 40 years?

  • How can I find out what courses I would need to enroll in so that when I arrive on campus, I will be a second-semester freshman?

  • Since only State Universities are required to accept their state's Community College credits, for example, in Maryland, Chesapeake College, Wor-Wic, Anne Arundel, can I count on the school to accept these credits?

  • What changes can I expect to my scholarship or grant package in subsequent years, assuming I continue to meet all academic requirements?

  • Can I expect my financial package for eight semesters; however those semesters come?

If a student needs additional guidance on how to select a school based on their deeper college preferences, we have a process.  If you are re-thinking the financial fit for your student's school we can discuss. Please schedule a chat. 

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