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AP Scores - Minimum scores can make a difference

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

As AP scores are released in July, students ask themselves, now what? Since schools vary by minimum score reports, take note. This College Board tool is handy for determining minimum scores by subject and school.

  • Reporting Scores - Check the school's minimum score requirement to determine if you should include scores as part of the student's college application. You might report scores differently based on the school. For example, Clemson's minimum AP Language and Composition score is 5, and 3 for the University of South Carolina.

  • Calculate Savings - Consider earned credits based on minimum score requirements. Depending on the minimum scores accepted, a student could find the cost of attendance to vary not only by "sticker price" but also by netting out-earned credits. Most college classes worth three credits cost about $1,170.

  • How to report - Remember if a school self-reports vs. not. If they are self-report, list scores in the testing section of the common application. If scores are not self-report, then students will submit scores through their College Board account.

Check out this list of minimum score requirements of popular AP courses for Flagship State Universities. Are you interested in AP tutoring support for the next academic year? Our partnership with Arbor Bridge can help. Wondering if next year's high school schedule has sufficient course rigor? Please get in touch with us for a chat.

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