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Why Every Family Should Complete the FAFSA

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

We get it, the FAFSA and CSS Profile documents are cumbersome and can be time-consuming to complete. If you know your income and assets will leave you zero chance for need grant eligibility, why complete this form? Check out the reasons below before you throw in the towel and CPC can help with filing.

  • Need Aware Schools - Schools are businesses, and some schools will review your ability to pay as a "bonus-point" on a student's application. Check out this list of schools that are need-aware.

  • Setting a baseline - Life happens and things change. A family emergency, lost job or unexpected medical expense are just a few examples of how finances can change, and providing schools with an initial baseline is vital to an appeal process. See more about professional judgment letters and appeal requests.

Are you upside down on your EFC - aka as what you can afford for college is lower than your expected family contribution? Good planning can help. Schedule a free conversation today.

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