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When Life Gives You Lemons...

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

During this upheaval in our lives, CPC is making lemonade out of lemons! We want our students to be able to make good use of these next few weeks, so we are standing by to support in a variety of ways. Students have the option of using CPC Video Sessions if needed.

CPC High School Juniors are also encouraged to use their CPC digital tools to continue their college planning process, whether it is college research, resume building, activity lists, etc., depending on where they are in the process. CPC High School Seniors can Video Chat with us to review financial offers, critical college criteria, and making a decision. CPC High School Sophomores and Juniors can take an ACT practice test online and compare their scores and test preference to the SAT. If you are currently not a CPC student and would like to join the fun, please schedule a chat with us. It might be a good time for any Juniors who feel behind in their college planning; let's chat. We can help you jump-start the process- researching colleges, setting a test timeline, developing resumes and activities lists, figuring out recommendation letters and understanding financial parameters. And the best part is, these things can be done at home on your laptop and with the aid of our Video Chat. It's going to be a long Spring and an opportunity to reconnect with the simple pleasures of home. We send all our best to you for a healthy Spring and are hoping for a quick end to these uncertain times!

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