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Sending Free SAT Scores – Should You?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The College Board allows students, after taking the SAT, to send scores to four schools for free. For the scores to be free, you need to make the request before the test or within 9 days after taking the test.

  1. Pros – Save Money – The cost to send a score to a school is $12

  2. Pros- Expedites receipt to your application if material deadlines are looming

  3. Cons – You don’t know your scores yet, and they will be sent out even if they aren’t as strong as you’d like them to be.

Our recommendation is to send scores only to the schools where you want to see all of your scores, and if those scores don't allow for self-reporting.

Click Here for more information on the College Board’s Score Choice policy. If you plan to use Score Choice then you are best waiting until all of your scores come in to pick which scores to send.

Students should check the school's website for the school’s score policy. Typically, sending scores early does not give you an edge. Since you have not yet applied, sending scores doesn’t count as demonstrated interest. 

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