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Know before you visit - Net Price Calculators and Student Aid Index

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

School visits can be expensive and not always a good investment. Students should thoroughly research schools and perhaps attend a virtual event before investing in an on-campus visit.

Knowing your budget before visiting a school is like having an underwritten mortgage before buying a home. Understand the tools available to you before you commit resources to campus visits.

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What are net price calculators?

Each school has its own variables and not every school meets 100% of a family's demonstrated financial need. To have a better idea, and by law, each school has to offer a net price calculator, which will provide you with an expectation of cost based on your family's reported income.

Are net-price calculators accurate?

Do the results include academic merit scholarships?

What is the difference between the results from completing the FAFSA vs. a school's net price calculator?

Is the FASFA changing in 2023-2024

I have a budget, what should my plan be?

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