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Fall Tests - When to let go or grind?

Updated: May 7

The College Board released August 26th scores this week- what next? Data can drive good decisions; we love data, so here are some thoughts.

Are you knocking at the door or is the gap too wide?

The average combined improvement is 60-70 points. 100 points is more than respectable. While 200 + points occur, it is the exception.

Is the school test-optional friendly?

Can I change my mind after the application is submitted?

When are fall scores released?

What other content will showcase my drive, intiative and intellectual curiosity

Am I applying to a limited enrollment program or selective major?

We understand students have college application fatigue. However, if you are close to in-range scores and you are applying to schools in which over 50% of enrolled students submitted scores, and timing is not an issue, keep at it.

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