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Early Decision Acceptances - 8 Helpful Tips

students giving high five in library

Hooray, you and your student have made a family decision on their next steps in the college journey! Think back to a year ago - your student has likely grown, even if that growth is your student owning the process, pulling away from your advice, making mistakes, and completing the journey solo!

Here are some tips and tricks for parents and students:

  • Deposits - Submit the deposit(s) now to confirm housing. Some schools have housing shortages and the sooner the deposit is in, the sooner your student is on the list.

  • Admitted students day - Even if your student has already decided, attending this day will be helpful in meeting students and making the next steps more comfortable.

  • Move-in and Parents Weekend - Nothing is worse than sitting around in a dorm or hotel room with either anxious parents, students, or both. Lodging books up quickly, so find next year's academic calendar and grab your lodging. We prefer the Airbnb route that gives parents, siblings, and students room to relax and a much-needed washer and dryer.

  • Orientation - Be sure to work with your student to know when they can register for orientation. Register early. Scheduling classes can't begin until orientation occurs.

  • Selecting curriculum - Know the school's general education requirements and discuss the best options before scheduling classes. For example, sociology electives can have many different flavors and your hands-on student may thrive in a photojournalism class and simply suffer through writing in the workplace course. Help them get set up to win.

  • Rate my professors- Our sons lived on this platform to understand what they might be getting into.

  • Coursicle - Help your student say goodbye to 8:00 am and Friday classes and get what they need to graduate on time.

  • Academic Common Market - If your student is accepted into an academic common market major for which they receive in-state tuition, you must complete the process for your home state - Review your state's ACM website to make sure you are submitting the correct documentation on time to receive in-state tuition.

Congratulations on the beginning of the next chapter. Let the next round of games begin!

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