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Defining Your Target SAT or ACT Score?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Understanding the goal line is helpful in providing students the internal motivation to grind out the time it takes to improve scores. However, students frequently underestimate the goal line unless asking the right questions.

Questions To Ask When Evaluating Goal Test Scores

How many more tests do I plan to take based on application deadlines and my opportunity to study?

Am I looking for scores to improve admission probability to a school or opportunity for merit scholarships?

Is the school actively recruiting me for a talent in athletics or visual/performing arts?

Am I interested in the school’s Honors College?

Do I have my sights set on an ROTC Scholarship?

What level of importance do the schools on my list place on test scores?

In conclusion, your goal score isn’t a one size fits all topic. Be sure to stake out your finish line first.

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