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College Freshmen: The Road Ahead!

Congratulations on thriving and surviving the Class of 2025 application process. A few tips for the soon to be freshmen and their parents-

  • Take a break from talking about college. Now is a time when students are understandably bonding with their high school friends, realizing that this chapter of their life is starting to end. Give your students space to enjoy the balance of their Senior year and summer.

  • Orientation Registration. Students are not able to register for classes until they have completed their freshman orientation. Register for the earliest day possible so that your student is not at the end of the line on class registration dates and times. Many schools require a separate fee for freshman orientation. Pay the fee to access orientation dates.

  • Look Ahead- 2021-2022 Academic Calendar. Check out your student's college website for important academic calendar dates for planning:

    • Drop off weekend - Consider if you are going to drop and go (my preference to avoid the awkward breakup between parent and student) or stick around. If the latter, make your hotel or Airbnb registrations now.

    • Parents Weekend or another fall weekend - Similar to drop-off weekend, get those accommodations booked now. I prefer Airbnb's to hotel rooms as they give your family a place to gather vs. the local coffee store or a cramped dorm space - students can also do their laundry and have a friend over! Keep in mind Open-Table to reserve dining well in advance or you will be stuck in long lines. Sometimes, weekends other than parent weekends can be a bit more relaxing if that is okay with your student.

  • Class Registration - Registering for classes can be stressful, particularly if your student is attending a large state university where slots book up. Help your student be prepared - or better yet - if he/she has an older sibling, cousin, friend's brother - let them help with the process. Another piece of advice- Rate My Professor - is a game-changer.

  • Vaccines Required or not? - The Chronicle of Higher Education posts this list of colleges that will be requiring students to be vaccinated against COVID 19.

If your student is still pondering their decision, don't fret. After May 1st, there are still plenty of quality schools that are rolling admissions and will accept new applications if classes are not filled. You might also find some schools that don't post rolling admissions amenable to reviewing a late application if you contact admissions.

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