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California Dreamin'? Have a backup plan if you are out of state.

Thanks to our friends at College Kick-Start, who provide us with the freshest data and insights.

This recent post - University of California Fall 2022 Admission trends - reviews the UC system's recently released admission data.

Application volume remains up after the 2021 approved test-blind admission policies. It is not uncommon for our students that live near the water (think the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean) to consider a coastal re-location for college. Yep, our South Dakota students are also looking for books and breezes.

Here are some of the findings

  • Overall, first-year admission rates fell from 65% to 60%. See school by school details below.

  • Non-resident acceptances are getting more difficult. Out-of-state acceptances fell 19%

  • A few UC schools (Davis, Irvine, and Santa Cruz) still represent opportunities for out-of-state students with higher admit rates to improve diversity and full-pay applicants.