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48 Tips for College Freshmen

Hey CPC 2019 grads! We ran across this excellent article which offers tips for incoming college freshman. We highly recommend reading this article and we especially like a few of them: 

  1. Tip #6 – Actively develop the habit of working ahead (hopefully CPC kicked started that habit)

  2. Tip #8 – Avoid a really serious relationship (sorry but the mom in me comes out at times in my college guidance)

  3. Tip #9 – Use the resources you (aka your parents) are paying for

  4. Tip #18 – Exercise (If Mrs. G can fit in a 2.8 mile run a day so can you)

  5. Tip #27 – Eye masks, earplugs and fans (freshman dorms are not your comfy single room and you need sleep to succeed and get to class on time)

  6. Tip #29 – Don’t give up on the classes you want (USE RATE MY PROFESSOR!!!!!)

  7. Tip #36 – Take your keys every time you leave your dorm room (Buy a lanyard and wear it.  Also purchase a tile app!)

  8. Tip #46 – Take your bike (you probably don’t need a car your freshman year – and probably not your sophomore year)

We are cheering you on!  Have a great time and study hard! 



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