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48 Tips for College Freshmen

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

This excellent article offers tips for incoming college freshman. We highly recommend reading this article and we especially like a few of them: 

  1. Tip #6 – Actively develop the habit of working ahead (hopefully CPC kicked started that habit)

  2. Tip #8 – Avoid a really serious relationship (sorry but the mom in me comes out at times in my college guidance)

  3. Tip #9 – Use the resources you (aka your parents) are paying for

  4. Tip #18 – Exercise (If Mrs. G can fit in a run a day so can you)

  5. Tip #27 – Eye masks, earplugs and fans (freshman dorms are not your comfy single room and you need sleep to succeed and get to class on time)

  6. Tip #29 – Don’t give up on the classes you want (USE RATE MY PROFESSOR!!!!!)

  7. Tip #36 – Take your keys every time you leave your dorm room (Buy a lanyard and wear it.  Also purchase a tile app!)

  8. Tip #46 – Take your bike (you probably don’t need a car your freshman year – and probably not your sophomore year)

We are cheering you on!  Have a great time and study hard! 

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