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What the PSAT May Mean to Your College Planning

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

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Juniors- you may be asking yourself what will my PSAT score mean to my application plan.

  1. Unless you are in the top 1% of scores which puts you in the finalist range for National Merit Scholar, your PSAT score will not contribute to your college application

  2. The PSAT is a good indicator of a baseline score. Ask yourself- are you knocking at the door for a score you need to strengthen your application for admission or merit scholarships, or do you need more gas in the tank?

  3. Disregard the ACT or SAT at your peril. Flagship state schools evaluate different grading cultures among many students and might need something other than a transcript. Endemic grade inflation and the removal of Subject Tests mean that schools may require the SAT or ACT again:

    1. Florida and Georgia state schools and the University of Tennessee require standardized test scores for the Class of 2023 and beyond

    2. Purdue announced test scores are back in play for the Class of 2024.

    3. Auburn University requires test scores unless the student has a 3.6 GPA

    4. Check out these schools that are requiring tests or have yet to announce their 2024 policy

Think of your academic profile as a three-legged stool of grades/curriculum rigor, AP Scores, and SAT/ACT scores. Take away one of those legs, and there is more pressure on the other two. Of course, students can showcase intellectual curiosity, drive, and initiative through activities, essays, and recommendation letters. There are many tools in your arsenal but leaving one of them behind may put you behind the curve.

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