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Unpacking the PSAT

Juniors and sophomores that took the October PSAT will see scores released today and tomorrow. Each student has a “to-do” on their list if they took the PSAT to add their scores by subject and sub scores to their testing account so we can unpack what they mean during our next chat.

Below are some frequently asked questions.

My student did not take the PSAT, is that a problem? The PSAT is a means to practice for the SAT in a timed, simulated environment. If your student missed the test, they could take a diagnostic SAT with our tutoring partner Arbor Bridge. Winter break is a good time to do this.

My student took the PSAT, but I don’t think it is a representative score. Students are welcome to take a diagnostic SAT. Another score can validate if the PSAT score is a good baseline to set expectations. Also, the diagnostic SAT is a true SAT so an even better gauge of projected scores.

How can I tell if the SAT or ACT test is the best test for my student? We suggest taking an SAT and an ACT diagnostic test over winter break. After completing those tests, CPC students receive

  • Arbor Bridge consultation on test results

  • Review of next steps through the lens of different school types and majors

  • Is self-study the best first option?

  • Does a score indicate enrichment tutoring is needed first?