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High School Rigor Counts

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

With many schools maintaining test-optional status permanently or through future application cycles, high school rigor remains at the forefront of the leading indicators that prove a student can be successful in college.

Most high school guidance offices begin the process of selecting next year's classes as early as February. Students applying to selective schools should prepare to select high school coursework that goes beyond the minimum requirements. Of course, all schools want to see 4 years in English, but what about other subjects?

  • Math - Calculus is vital for selective schools as well as for students whose undergraduate program of study will require Calculus in college. It is best to get a handle on derivatives and integrals before college starts.

  • Science - Lab sciences reign - Bio, Chem, Physics. For example, direct admit nursing programs like to see three years of lab science.

  • Foreign Language - Schools that require their students to graduate with a proficiency in a foreign language highly recommend or require 3 or 4 years of a high school language. Check out some of these schools and their requirements. A student completing all of their foreign language requirements by sophomore year may have difficulty in a 200 level Spanish class. Continue foreign language as an upperclassman.

Yes, students have many tools in their arsenal to showcase their traits of drive, initiative, and intellectual curiosity. However, the most important part of their high school body of work is their academic record. Check out this roadmap to success worksheet for your high school student. Taking easy classes for an A, won't fly. Interested in learning more? Schedule a free chat with us.

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