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The Academic Common Market - Get In-State Tuition at an Out-of-State School

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The Academic Common Market allows students to study in a specialized field at an out-of-state college and pay in-state tuition rates. We took a deep dive into a few programs to help students consider leveraging a quality education at a lower price.

The examples below are for students residing in Maryland as of this blog's posting date:

· A Passion for the Fine Arts with the Practical? – University of Kentucky's Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts Administration offers a comprehensive curriculum. Students interested in careers such as managing theatres, symphony halls, galleries, museums, community art councils, orchestras, art centers, and many other types of institutions might consider this major. Directed elective credits also offer concentrations in journalism, international studies, communication, and more.

· Want a Business Degree? – Most Colleges of Business have courses common to all programs, including business communications, statistics as well as accounting, economics, computer applications, and business law. Let's take a look at two Universities' Academic Common Market programs in which a student can earn a B.S. in Business Administration and receive in-state tuition. Students can also take directed course work to further enhance marketability – such as entrepreneurship, supply chain management, or human resources, for example.

o University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business – B.S. in Business Administration – Risk Management and Insurance

Chart for Univ South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business

o University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business – B.S. in Business Administration – Business Analytics/Dual Concentration with Information Management