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Starting College Differently - Verto Education

Students with classroom burnout by the end of their Senior year, if not by the first semester of their Senior year, still want options. Not all students follow the same path and we want to keep options open vs. shutting down the idea of applying to college. Our goal is to keep the dismayed student from checking out during the fall college application process so if attitudes change, options of quality schools await.

Verto Education students start college traveling the world, get into great colleges, and save on tuition. Check out Verto's Partner College Consortium. Schools such as Bucknell, Lewis and Clark, Rhodes College, The College of William and Mary, Temple University, The University of Dayton, and more participate. More importantly, they give your student hope that following a different path does not require circumventing college. Students with the following points of view might consider Verto Education and their partner schools.

  • I am tired of learning behind a desk, and I am not ready to start that grind again next fall - Verto's first-semester experiential learning in Spain, the South Pacific, or Hawaii could be the ticket to completing certain general education/core curriculum requirements

  • The idea of completing lengthy college applications so that I can "compete" with my peers not only leaves me exhausted but pushes me away from the concept of college altogether - Verto's application is easy and they submit your application content to high-quality partner schools for a first-semester study-abroad experience and a welcome home from a quality school in the Spring.

  • A gap year sounds interesting, however, I want more academic direction during that timeframe and I don't want to graduate a year behind my peers. Outward Bound-type programs are not what I am looking for - Because Verto partners with quality colleges and universities, you are able to complete core curriculum classes while abroad and those classes are guaranteed to transfer to your school.

  • I want a guaranteed spot at a quality school, after starting college differently in the fall - All Verto candidates are guaranteed acceptance to at least one Verto partner school, and students don't need to wait until the Spring to know their plans. Decisions come within two weeks of submitting a Verto application.

  • I want to travel and not wait until my Junior year to go abroad - Of course you can. Students can pick from either a campus environment, for example in London, or a field experience environment, for example, Latin America.

    • Campus Semesters

      • London

      • Milan

      • Madrid

  • Field Semesters

    • Latin America

    • Hawaii

    • South Pacific

Contact College Placement Consulting for more information about discovering unique programs of study and starting college differently. See unique content on Verto Education Partner Schools.


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