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Service Academy and ROTC Application Timetables

Updated: May 20, 2021

uniform lapel patches for US Armed Forces

Acceptance to a Service Academy is a two-part process – a Nomination and an Acceptance. Success in one of the parts doesn’t mean success in both. Students serious about serving their country have a specific timeline to follow. Check out our suggested timeline below:

· Contact Liaison Recruiting Officer – Fall Junior Year

· Contact ROTC Recruiting Officer – Fall Junior Year

· Register For Summer Program – February Junior Year

· Service Academy Application Opens – April Junior Year

· Attend Summer Seminar if selected – Summer Before Senior Year

· Nomination Packets Complete – Submitted Summer Before Senior Year



Children or POW/MIA/Deceased/Disabled

Congress Nominations – Each member of Congress can have 5 constituents attending each Academy at the same time

· Send Standardized Test Scores For Nominations (if applicable) – August Before Senior Year

· Candidate Fitness Assessment – Summer Before Senior Year

· ROTC Fitness Assessment – September Senior Year

· Submit Academy Application – September Senior Year

· Submit ROTC Application – September Senior Year

· Nomination Interview – October Senior Year

· ROTC Interview – October Senior Year

· DODMERB Physical – Fall Senior Year

· ROTC Debarment/Drug Statement Notarized – Fall Senior Year

Considering a career in military service? We are here to guide and help.

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