Service Academy and ROTC Application Timetables

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Acceptance to a Service Academy is a two-part process – a Nomination and an Acceptance. Success in one of the parts doesn’t mean success in both. Students serious about serving their country have a specific timeline to follow. Check out our suggested timeline below:

· Contact Liaison Recruiting Officer – Fall Junior Year

· Contact ROTC Recruiting Officer – Fall Junior Year

· Register For Summer Program – February Junior Year

· Service Academy Application Opens – April Junior Year

· Attend Summer Seminar if selected – Summer Before Senior Year

· Nomination Packets Complete – Submitted July Before Senior Year



Children or POW/MIA/Deceased/Disabled

Congress Nominations – Each member of Congress can have 5 constituents attending each Academy at the same time

· Send Standardized Test Scores For Nominations (if applicable) – August Before Senior Year

· Candidate Fitness Assessment – Summer Before Senior Year

· ROTC Fitness Assessment – September Senior Year

· Submit Academy Application – September Senior Year

· Submit ROTC Application – September Senior Year

· Nomination Interview – October Senior Year

· ROTC Interview – October Senior Year

· DODMERB Physical – Fall Senior Year

· ROTC Debarment/Drug Statement Notarized – Fall Senior Year

Considering a career in military service? We are here to guide and help. Mrs. Patterson not only is the mom of a USNA and Notre Dame Navy ROTC grads, she also sat on the other side of the nomination interview table. We are happy to provide parents and students guidance on fit and what it takes.

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