Next Year’s Curriculum – What to Take?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Well, spring passed us by and perhaps your student is still scratching his/her head about next year's classes. Curriculum rigor is essential to prove a student will do well in college classes.  Let’s consider these questions to ask when setting up next year’s course load. 

Consider Your College Program of Study – For example, if the student plans on majoring in Psychology, perhaps AP Statistics makes more sense than Calculus. Of course, a student majoring in engineering is Calculus bound and should take the course in high school to prepare.  For a major such as construction management, some schools require first-year students to take Calculus while other schools do not.  Do your homework! – review the core curriculum requirements for your program of study.  Each school’s academic section within their websites hosts this information.

The Common Data Set – This is an excellent tool for obtaining basic facts such as the high school credits a college or university requires.

For example, let’s consider three Virginia public colleges/universities and the recommended foreign language requirement.

  • The College of William and Mary – 4 years

  • University of Virginia – 5 years

  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute – 3 years

Careful high school curriculum planning is vital to the college application process!

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