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Mid-Term Reporting

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

A plus grade

The common application identifies which schools require mid-year reports. The student's high school guidance office is responsible for sending mid-year reports. Below is an example of the report.

If a school does not require a mid-year report but the student's first-semester senior year work will improve their application, the student should ask their guidance office to send the report to their schools.

  • Most Selective Schools - Almost all require a mid-year report. A few exceptions - RISD, Tulane, and Vanderbilt

  • Very Selective Schools - A mixed bag of requirements, but most very selective schools require mid-year reports.

  • Moderately sized and Traditional Private Colleges - A mixed bag of requirements. Check the common application

  • Flagship State Schools - Most do not. Exceptions include very selective state universities, such as Chapel Hill, UVA, Georgia Tech. The University of Kentucky and NC State also require

Senior year first-semester grades are the closest reported grades with the most rigorous curriculum close to freshman year at college. Slack off at your own peril!

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